About Us


We have greatly benefitted from our Sifu Wong Shun Leung’s teachings right from the start and through the years Sifu’s patience and persistence in teaching us can never be forgotten. Our predecessor’s saying: “a teacher for a day is a father for lifetime”. The teachings of our Sifu will be engraved in the memories of his students.
Since the 1950s, Ving Tsun has flourished and expanded globally. Over the years, many have interpreted Ving Tsun differently and hence developed Ving Tsun in many different directions. It is our intention to preserve our Sifu’s way of Ving Tsun (“WSLVT”), which in many ways is unique from Ving Tsun of other lineages.
Our Sifu has many disciples, however, there are also many people in the Ving Tsun world starting Ving Tsun schools to teach and advertising their Ving Tsun school as practicing WSLVT. The standards of such Ving Tsun schools are inconsistent, and so much so that some only use the words “Practising Wong Shun Leung” for advertising purposes. In order to protect the name of our Sifu, the students need to have a systematic way to record for each brother of the WSL family, the details of their school of teachings and their disciples. For the foregoing reasons, we wish to establish the WSL Students Association.

Objectives of WSLSA:

The WSLSA’s objectives in its inauguration of the WSLSA is simple, to remember our Sifu Wong Shun Leung and unify all our brothers of the WSL family, and to bring to great height of development and pass on the Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun fighting techniques that our Sifu has left us with.

Function and Works of the WSLSA:

A: Siu Lim Tao remains the foundation of Ving Tsun fighting technique. Therefore, if every brother of our WSL family has a unified understanding of Siu Lim Tao, the furtherance of our Sifu’s Ving Tsun fighting techniques will be greatly benefitted.

It is appreciated that every brother of our WSL family has taught Ving Tsun over a long period of time and naturally their Ving Tsun fighting techniques have been adjusted according to their personal experiences. It is also for this reason, that our Sifu’s Ving Tsun is different from that of his brothers. Therefore, it is our hope to unify and standardize as much as possible the foundation of our Sifu’s teaching: Siu Lim Tao, so as to allow brothers of our WSL family to efficiently pass on and preserve our Sifu’s unique style of Ving Tsun.

B: To unify brothers of our WSL family, we will visit our Sifu’s grave together once every two years.

C: Production of genealogy to preserve master and disciple records of all brothers of our WSL family. The genealogy will trace back to the start of Wong Shun Leung up to two generations.

D: As the point of communication for overseas brothers of our WSL family, through the WSLSA’s contact with brothers of our WSL family or their Ving Tsun school, our overseas brothers of our WSL family will be able to gain further understanding or have more contact with WSLVT. To enable our overseas brothers of our WSL family to locate their suitable WSLVT schools, we will set up an official website to recommend WSLVT schools only, which will also be accessible by the public. Each WSLVT school that will be recommended on the said official website will include a rating for the school, which rating is provided by the owner of the school.