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Formation of WSLSA:

1) WSLSA functions differently from the general organizations and schools. As such, it is not necessary for WSLSA to invite any other school or social public figure to assume any honorable president or member position in WSLSA. WSLSA will only appoint selected senior brothers of our WSL family to positions such as committee member or administrator.

2) President: Wong Hong Chung

Founders: Jerry Yeung Wing Chik, Mark Wong Wai Kin

Official website and email address :

[email protected]


The WSLSA has tentatively fixed the five years WSLSA membership fee at USD150.00, or a yearly membership fee at USD70.00. Upon becoming a WSLSA member, you can be recorded in the genealogy, receive your WSLSA certificate and t-shirt, and also be able to purchase our Sifu Wong Shun Leung’s commemorative photo book at an exclusive discount.

The WSLSA has made these arrangements so as to further improve the quality of WSLVT, and increase and broaden outsider’s knowledge and understanding of brothers of our WSL family.